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In the SCA, you can find a vast variety of activities to take part in. Whether you're seeking the thrill of combat, the challenge of learning a skill or art lost to the centuries, the adventure of creating and becoming a new (old) persona, or a mix of it all, you'll find kindred spirits willing to share their knowledge. Below, you can find short descriptions of the some of the group of activites we take part in in the Barony.

Heavy Combat

Our heavy fighters recreate the armored combat styles which were used from time immemorial until the proliferation of the personal firearm. We employ steel and leather armor, wood and metal shields, and rattan weapons, and fight for king, country, and honor. So, if tales of great clashing battles stir your soul, if the stories of Beowulf and Arthur's knights fill your thoughts, or if you seek a group of people who will take a hit and say, "Great, do it again!", then find more details on our Heavy Fighting page, contact the Knight Marshal on our Contacts page, and check the Baronial Calendar for upcoming practices.

Light Combat (Rapier)

Geared toward the later SCA period, our rapier fighters practice the quieter, slower paced, and more precise art of personal defence. Wearing layers of cloth for armor, fencing masks, and wielding live steel weapons, as well as a variety of shields and blocks, rapier combat is all about patience, precision, and agility. Contact the Rapier Marshal on the Contacts page, find more details on the Light Fighting page, and check the Baronial Calendar if rapier combat seems like the place for you.

Arts & Sciences

We in the Barony of Glaedenfeld practice a large number of arts and trades from the medieval period. From blacksmithing to brewing, leatherwork to illumination, calligraphy to cooking, our members research how many varying arts were performed and strive to recreate them. Each month, we have classes dedicated to passing on our knowledge to others. Whether a particular art interests you, or you just want to know about upcoming classes, look for more details on the Arts & Sciences page, contact our Arts and Sciences Minister on the Contacts page, or check the Baronial Calendar for upcoming classes and events.

Archery and Live Weapons

Archery in the SCA takes two forms: combat archers, who take to the battlefield in heavy armor and attempt to bring down enemy combatants, and target archers, who compete on the target range to showcase their accuracy and speed. In addition to archery, thrown weapons such as knives, axes, and spears often make an appearance at SCA events. If you're interested in any of the above, find more details on the Archery & Live Weapons page, contact our Live Weapons Marshal on the Contacts page.


Our equestrian specialists showcase riding, combat, and performance skills on horseback from many different time periods and areas of the world. Jousting, mounted combat and archery, and mounted games all make an appearance in our equestrian program. For more information, check out the Equestrian page, contact our Equestrian Marshal on the Contacts page.

European Dance

Come and practice various European dance styles from the 15th - 17th centuries, originating in Italy, France, and England. Dancing in the SCA sees both traditional dances as well as modern takes on medieval concepts. For more information, check the European Dance page, contact the Minister of Dance on the Contacts page.

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